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49th Profit Makers Sale
Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Philip Livestock Market, Philip, SD

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Cottonwood Angus Farms has always been a family owned and operated farm and ranch. The families who own and operate the farm are Gregg & Dianne Butman, and their son, Justin Butman; Gregg’s brother-in-law and wife, Lyle and Marjie Oye, along with Lance, Tammy and Dylan Oye.

The farm’s name originated because of all the cottonwood trees that are along a creek that runs through the farm. The outfit consists of 300 head of registered Angus cows. They run on about 1,500 acres of grass and 2,500 acres of hay and cropland. Cottonwood Angus Farms is located by the border of southwestern part of Minnesota and southeastern part of South Dakota on the Flandreau Creek. Their great-grandfather homesteaded it in 1876. It was selected by their ancestors because of its plenty of fresh, spring-fed creeks, rolling hills with abundant grass, and the rich tillable soil. Their grandfather raised and produced Hereford cattle and horses. Later in 1954, Gregg’s brother Bruce, purchased the first six head of purebred Angus bred heifers.

In 1968 they enrolled the herd in Angus Herd Improvement Records (AHIR) program. The family has continued to collect performance data up to this day. They have collected carcass data on their own cattle and have also participated in structured carcass collecting with the American Angus Association.

They raise and develop breeding stock like any good commercial cowman by producing sound, functional cattle, and excelling in growth and carcass traits, while maintaining rigid maternal standards for longevity and fleshing-ability. Their motto is "Real Cattle For Real Cattle People."

They selected their herd for optimal traits long before it became fashionable. Because of this they have kept themselves and their customers in a profitable position. Cottonwood cattle are expected to go home with their new owners and be profitable for them. If any problems arise for their customers they want to be notified so they can help find an explanation and solve the problem.

This is their 57th year of producing practical and profitable Angus cattle. Saturday, November 5, 2011 will mark their 37th Annual Fall Sale – Profit Makers Vol. XXXVII.